About the Legacy of Frontier


A note from the owner:

"The horns craftsmanship started in our family in the 1930's by my grandfather, Hilario, from Laredo, Tx. He along with his sons, grandsons, and great grandson carried the business for numerous years. During the early 1950's after serving in World War II, Hilario's son-in-law, Alfredo (my father), also acquired raw horns to process for sale and in 1952 started the business known as "Frontier Products." Having only one employee while working out of the back of our home and using only hand tools like machetes, my father eventually afforded sanding machines and buffers. The business then moved to a commercial strip in Laredo, TX (depicted in the drawing above). After approximately 50 years in business, Frontier Products closed shop in the early 2000's.

In 2021, my wife and I re-established my family's historical craftsmanship to produce top-quality horns, using "Frontier Horns" as our small company name. We started our business journey by vending at various Market Days in the Texas Hill Country areas selling genuine steer mounted horns, cattle skulls with horns, and cowhides. As of Fall 2023, we have now expanded our business to our online website selling our finest, most popular mounted steer horns.

This new venture gives us a unique appreciation for my upbringing around the craftsmanship and hard work. We continue developing our ancestor's legacy with the help of our daughters who take pride in assisting with marketing and technological strategies. What started out as a small family entrepreneurial venture in the 1930's developed into a legacy that spans 4 generations and over 90 years of hard work. We are grateful for what we have learned throughout the years as we strive to provide the best quality craftsmanship for all of our customers.

I want to acknowledge my cousin, Mario "King of Horns," for sharing his knowledge and experience with me."